DevCentral official reLaunch and NEW SignUp

Hello Again - We have tested and pushed a fix for the widespread SAML assertion error.
Going forward we expect users should successfully login and engage with the community as designed.

While we recognize this was a less than desirable launch experience, please know that we absolutely feel your pain.
Your feedback is heard loud and clear and, by all means keep it coming.
We still need to capture your current experience so we can document feature enhancements going forward.

We *know* that the DevCentral community is what it is because of awesome members like you.
We value your contributions above all, and we continue to work to bring you the community experience you expect and deserve.


BACK AGAIN with another important update.

DevCentral is currently experiencing a login issue preventing 
several users from logging in.
You will see this as a SAML assertion failure.

A permanent fix is currently being worked as our highest priority.


IMPORTANT UPDATE (does not apply to F5 Employees)

The first time community members access DevCentral (after May 15th)
you must choose SIGN UP for a *new* account on our *new* platform. 

You will provide *new* authentication credentials and THEN, 
in the second step you will have the opportunity to provide your 
previous credentials in order to MERGE available previous content. 
The merge will include your previous DisplayName.
Going forward, DisplayName must be unique.

If you have problems beyond this process please contact us with 
as much detail as you can and we'll help you out.
Thank you for your continued patience.

Today DevCentral has reached the end of an intense couple of months - but this is really just another beginning. Allow me to paint a your mind 

  • In late 2018 we were like, --Somewherrrrre over the rainbow….
  • Then, a couple weeks ago, things got real and we were like,--Tornado! 
  • But then we nailed it; and we were like, --Pretty colors. and --Munchkins are cute!
  • Suddenly, a huge puff of "read-only" smoke, and we were like, --A Witch!
  • And THEN, with the support of some key people on our team and in the community, we were like --There's no place like home.

So, we stayed that way for this past week, put in some more hours, and gathered our courage for today.

Today we are happy to launch YOUR new community website.
Take a look around and give us your feedback. We have our eyes on the horizon and our ears directed squarely at you.

Some last minute housekeeping...

  • Starting today you will need to SIGN UP for a new account on our new platform. Don't worry, the SIGN UP process will provide you the opportunity to merge your previous DevCentral account and all of your DevPoints into this new account.
  • A guiding principle was to make sure we preserve historical content, your content, and we took extra efforts to bring as much of that forward as we could.

Thank you for being part of our community!









Published May 15, 2019
Version 1.0

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