Cloud Scaling without Native Cloud Scaling

Planning and configuring scaling for a multi cloud-hosted application is not without its challenges and limitations. When I consider the unique approach each public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) has when it comes to scaling of VM instances, applying a consistent scaling policy across the application environment can be difficult. The difficulty level goes up even more when you want to automate your deployment. 

Aside from the inherent challenge of working with disparate cloud environments, my options with regard to scaling policies and the metrics used to trigger scaling events are limited when attempting to apply consistently across clouds. With the F5 BIG-IP and Telemetry Streaming I have the ability to send a variety of metrics to both CloudWatch and Azure Monitor. From there I could use custom metrics from each respective cloud. But now, I've only succeeded in complicating the solution, (as well as spraying logs all over the place).

To address the challenges noted above allow me to introduce...

The ADC Telemetry-based Autoscaling (ATA) solution, (see above) illustrates how F5's Automation Toolchain can integrate with third party analytics provider(s) to provide cloud-agnostic centralized application delivery monitoring and autoscaling.

The solution utilizes various third-party open-source and proprietary technologies/services and the concept could easily be applied using a variety of vendor offerings. With that said, this solution utilizes the following:

Check it Out

Rather than walk you through the entire solution in agonizing detail, how about a movie? Click on the link (image) below for a solution walkthrough.

Try it Out

Okay, so you watched the video and can't wait to try it in action; I get it. The GitHub solution repository contains guidance as well as the necessary files to deploy the solution. Have fun!

Published Sep 16, 2021
Version 1.0

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