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  • I've been playing with Proactive Bot Defense and want to know how to deal with a particular situation. I am needing to allow certain bots that has a valid signature that is categorized as a crawler. Is there a way to get specific bots to work without configuring IP exceptions?


  • Mark,


    I think you have two good options here:


    1. iRule - https://devcentral.f5.com/s/articles/proactive-bot-defense-bypass-by-bot-signature-1150


    2. If you set the category to report and the signature has a reverse DNS lookup, then it will bypass PBD (note that you need to setup a DNS resolver). If the current one doesn't have reverse DNS on the signature, you could disable the signature, create a custom signature that does have reverse DNS, create a custom category to put it in, and set that custom category to report.