Application Auto Scaling Through BIG-IP Cloud Edition

Peanut butter is good and jelly is good. What happens when you bring those two together?  BIG-IQ 6 is the peanut butter, Per App VE is the jelly. Put them together and you get per application auto scaling.  BIG-IP supported auto scaling for a while now but the use cases of dynamically deploying multiple instances of BIG-IP were few (based on individual application requirements). By deploying the BIG-IP Per App VE instead, you get a (marketing speak alert) lower cost deployment for customized ADC and security on a per application basis.

Our training team put together a great walk-through article for deploying auto scaling features with BIG-IP Cloud Edition. In our two videos we're deploying auto scaling functionality into VMWare and AWS infrastructures. For comparison go back and check out Skies Never looked So Good With BIG-IP Cloud Edition where we show the differences between AWS and VMWare tier 1 traffic distributors. But enough talk... Enjoy the walk-through. A discussion in Q&A for BIG-IP Cloud Edition is available if you have questions.



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Published Jul 05, 2018
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