A Taste of Blackberries

No, not the kiddie lit favorite by Doris Buchanan Smith, I mean the smart phones.  I was not a member of the smart phone club when I started at F5.  In fact, my first week on the job was at our international sales conference and I remember watching Jeff and Joe scroll, click, and type like the wind and Jeff leaned over and said, “They’re addicting, you’ll see.”  I got my first Blackberry, the Curve 8310, a week later.  I liked having all the keys for typing, as the limited texts I’d written with the basic phones was a chore, but the buttons were pretty small for my stubby fingers, and given that I h

Published Jul 14, 2010
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    Fidget-induced phone spinning...yep, that's me. >.> A horrible habit I have with my current berry. Oh well, I'm upgrading when I get home too, so it shouldn't be a problem anymore. My biggest complaints about mine have been the trackball and most recently, the lack of world coverage. Having both of my phones crap out when I go abroad is just unacceptable.



    Time for a freshie!