Community Highlights, Week 34, '22

Rebecca here stepping in for Leslie for this week's community highlights!


Make you check out the DevCentral Community Groups regularly! This a place where the community can post and interact around a specific topic. Currently we have the DevCentral Connects group and the North America SLED Users groups but we're working to add more in the future. 


Forum post highlights:

CA_Valli helped new F5 user SKS_198176 set up a configuration that worked for them in LTM HA Pair SSL Certs

Mohamed_Salah_ and CA_Valli helped John_Van_Zant solve a problem with LTM HA Pair SSL Certs


Unanswered questions:

I'm happy to say that all the questions last week appear have been answered or are waiting on the OP to return with more information so the community can help them. 


Notable solutions:

Anesh shared how to perform autonomous F5 LTM upgrades with python in his article F5 LTM HA pair upgrade Automation using Python

Viv_Richards shows us out to receive certificate expiry email alerts with his latest article  

Published Sep 07, 2022
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