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North America SLED Users

Dedicated to State & Local Government, K-12 & Higher Education (SLED) sector users.

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Ohio Users

Originating from the Columbus and Cincinnati User Groups, the Ohio Users Community is a place to con...

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I have a running OWASP Juice Shop in Azure and have assigned a public IP on it. Trying to build a load balancer using XC. I am stuck at the VIRTUAL_HOST_PENDING_A_RECORD status. Question is do I need to use my own DNS to create a domain name entry fo...

Joven by Cirrus
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XC - azure cloud Credentials issues

User @Hooni_L posted in the Technical Forum about having XC - azure cloud Credentials issues, and I thought it might get answered more quickly if I cross-posted it here.  Can one of the XC SMEs here please reply to the original post?      

Help Logs WAF

Help on how to get a log sample to confirm if the waf is analyzing traffic.Thanks

Mr_Al by Nimbostratus
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XC licensing question

@MR_Freddy posted in the Technical Forum that they would like to understand how licensing works for XC, so I thought I'd share the post here in case one of the SMEs in this group had a better answer than or  https:/...

Resolved! Bypass WAF for X-forwarder IP in XC

We use the F5 XC and want to bypass the WAF rules if traffic comming from specific IP address in X-forwarder-for field,X-forwarder-for Field contail Multiple IP address and if any of the IP matches to the list , XC should bypass the WAF rulesE.g. Htt...

The F5 Scoop sponsored by Carahsoft - December 2022

Hot off the press, our first edition of The F5 Scoop featuring a variety of helpful SLED specific links and resources. We cover the latest Quarterly Security Notifications, Latest Software Releases, Training, Cloud News and much more. Happy Holidays...

MTLS Certificate Authentication Error

 Hi All.I have configured a Client and Server SSL MTLS Certificate in F5, but when I am trying to access the site from outside, gets 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied error.Do we have any best practices for this configuration.Thanks, and regards.

jjamall by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! Inspecting HTTP LB traffic for security

Hi,I'm looking for an option to inspect the traffic that goes within my HTTP Load Balancers for security reasons. On BIGIP-LTM I have used the Clone Pool solution or developed my own iRules.Does the Distributed Cloud version suggest a similar feature...

amnonb by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! Multiple CE nodes in vmware?

Hi all, I've been working through building out a lab for DXC in my local VMware ESXi environment. I've got a handle on one node pretty well, but trying to add an additional node to the cluster, it never seems to finish provisioning. I'm on the lowest...

F5 Distributed Cloud HTTP Load balancer

I am trying to use F5 Distributed Cloud HTTP load balancer to select specific origin  pool based on url hostname. Can you suggest how can I do it.On BIGIP-LIM we use irule and data group to accomplish that as we use multiple url behind same VIP. Than...

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