WannaCry Blocker

Problem this snippet solves:

This iApp template contributed by Mark Quevedo installs an iRule that will block WannaCry ransomeware

How to use this snippet:

install the iApp and apply iRule to vulnerable virtual servers

Code :

Published May 17, 2017
Version 1.0

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  • Is there a version limit on this? I just get an error when I try to import:


    Loading configuration... /tmp/upload_template.tmpl 01070712:3: Caught configuration exception (0), ERROR app_template - /Common/WannaCry_Blocker_v2 definition: line 3 [undefined procedure: iapp::template][iapp::template start] line 75 [undefined procedure: iapp::conf][iapp::conf "create ltm rule WannaCry-Blocker { ${patched} }"] - sys/validation/AppTemplateAction.cpp, line 127. Unexpected Error: Loading configuration process failed.


  • The iApp should run on version 11.4+ I think. The iRule inside it should work on version 11.0+. What version is your BIG-IP running?