vCPE Scale-N demo for Openstack / Ansible playbooks

Problem this snippet solves:

The virtual CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) is a NFV use case where functionality is moved away from the customer end and moved into the virtualized infrastructure of the network operator. This allows more flexible deployments, services and lower costs by eliminating any changes in the customer end.

The Ansible Tower scripts provided in the repository implement this for an Scale-N cluster.

How to use this snippet:

Although this code implements a specific use case for vCPE with specific functionality it can be used as an eskeleton for deploying configurations in a Scale-N cluster for any use case.

The configurations, including base configs are deployed with iApps. Thanks to tmsh2iapp it is possible to deploy iApps that contain the parameters of all the BIG-IPs in the cluster. At instantiation time the iApps will generate the appropiate config for each BIG-IP. This greatly simplifies the ansible playbooks and the management of the configuration.

The Ansible plabooks in this repository also deploy the necessary Openstack/Neutron configuration.

Code :
Published Aug 13, 2018
Version 1.0

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