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Code :

April 5, 2021————————————————————————————————————
-----Enhancements **
     - DevCentral search (Early/Mid February) now includes Threat Research results in context. Opening a result under Threat Research tab will take the user to the record on
     - DevCentral Search (Apr 5th) now includes content from other sites on the internet including ServerFault(F5 tag) and YouTube/devcentral

-----Issues **
     - there are some pending issues with redirects escalated through our SaaS vendor.
     - long-term domain inconsistencies between prod/lowers being worked on are root-cause of several behavior problems including attaching images to Questions.

-----Coming Next **
     - Modifications to the flow of Questions pages designed for speed increases and increased browsing/discoverability capabilities

January 2021 A————————————————————————————————————
	- DevCentral Search now includes Support results in context. Opening a Support article under the support tab will directly open that content on the source page.
	  A good example:
	    * Search for iRules.
	    * Click the Support Tab.
	    * the, most likely, first result will take you to the new home for the old DevCentral iRules Wiki.
----Issues **
    - A change to an unrelated product affected CREATE and READ access to articles and codeshare for approx 8 hrs (Jan 29)

----Coming Soon **
    - Another Search update to include F5 Labs results; Threat Research.

Early November 2020 ————————————————————————————————————
----Enhancements **
	- The global search function has been changed to permanently display at the top of every page.
          This is the first in a couple of changes we are making to try and make DevCentral search more Usable and efficient.
        - Codeshare versions are updated through Version 16.0

October 2020————————————————————————————————————
----Enhancements **
	- Content Moderation Application: Updated workflow to enable better long-term management
	of moderated content.
	- Global CDN implementation: to assist with speed issues observed in the eastern 
	and southern hemispheres.
	- Updated permissions models based on Platform Update.

----Issues **
	- Fixing issues with RSS feed notifications associated with Platform Update.
	- Content Moderation list-refresh bug.

----Coming Soon **
	- Global Search changes, Shared results with AskF5, Codeshare Versions.

September 2020————————————————————————————————————
----Enhancements **
	- Content Moderation Application: Focused primarily on creating an administrative 
	application designed to enable content admins to moderate content more efficiently
	and effectively and at scale.

----Issues **
	- Topic pages and queries are showing content.
	- Basic SEO updates to some static pages.
	- Bugfix with question and codeshare create .js.

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Published Sep 11, 2020
Version 1.0

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