F5 remote backup python script

Problem this snippet solves:

The python script is using the F5 iControlRest API to authenticate with remote authentication (Active directory, RADIUS,...) to obtain a token, create a timestamp UCS backup file, download the file locally and delete it from the F5 appliance.

Provide a way to backup F5 bigIP configuration and arhive the backup files on a remote location.

unfortunately, iControlRest for UCS backup lack documentation. I'm still searching for the option to encrypt the UCS file....

How to use this snippet:

python3 f5-backup.py --hostname

Code :

Published Sep 06, 2018
Version 1.0

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  • Why dont you use environment variables to store the username and password and with python OS module, I think there is a way you can read them instead of storing it in a file.

  • Great script! I've been playing around with it trying to get it so you could have the credentials come from current logged in user running the script, bypassing the need to enter credentials so this can be automated. Any ideas?