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Problem this snippet solves:

A complete F5 Admin API Python package. This is built for F5 security administrators. It works by providing a direct hook to the F5 TMOS Command Line Interface. Then you can manage F5 configuration objects by using your Python-Fu.

Furthermore, the security admin can go to the next level of the playing field, by custom buildout the automation procedures in the full-stack capable, object-oriented Python programming language from there. Real world examples developed to solve my daily F5 secure admin chores can be found under the 'src/bin' folder. Enjoy.

How to use this snippet:

# !/usr/bin/env python              # Let's build a tool together
import f5_admin                     # First we need to let Python know we're going to use the API
f5_node = "xx-rhwebdev1"         # The F5 node we want to connect to.
f5_command = "show sys software"    # The F5 command we want to run
with f5_admin.F5Client(None,None,None) as client:
   client.load(f5_node)             # Now we're ready to open a remote connection
   for line in result:              # line print the F5 command result in the console

# Congratulation. You just build an automation tool with the API!

Test Run the Tool

Copy the above code block in a text editor. Then save it into a file name 'test.py'. Or Download it as raw file. Then you can test run the tool as below:

$ python test.py
Loading cache_config:  /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/f5_admin-1.0.0-py2.7.egg/f5_admin/conf/xx-rhwebdev1/xx-rhwebdev1.txt
Loading complete
Setting up remote SSH session to host: xx-rhwebdev1
Please enter the F5 user name:
Please enter the F5 password:
Execution on the remote SSH host:  show sys software
Command execution complete.


Sys::Software Status

Volume  Slot  Product   Version    Build  Active    Status

Congratulation! You just build your first tool using this Python package.

Please use the url below for more usage guidelines:


Tested this on version:

Published Jan 02, 2020
Version 1.0

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