Export ASM IP Address Exceptions List to LTM Data Group List

Problem this snippet solves:

This template exports from ASM IP Address Exceptions list to a LTM Data Group.

This version V2.0 is able to:

Select a policy name now in a combobox.
Filter the flags of exception ip address.
Schedule a specific time for execution.
Exports only when the ASM policy was applied.
Compatibility: 11.4.0 up to 11.6.0.

*I thank Greg for suggesting the choice of a specific policy in this iApp.

How to use this snippet:

Code :


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Published Jun 09, 2015
Version 1.0

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  • Awesome, thank you. I've uploaded a minor variant with the following changes: 1. Supports 11.6 instead of 11.5 (essentially just the mysql password method changes) 2. Prompts for the name of the ASM Policy to grab the IP Whitelist from 3. MySQL query only grabs entries for that specific Policy and which have the "Never Log" flag set It would be nice to make the ASM policy a dropdown rather than having to know it; but it was beyond my comprehension of iApps to do it.