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Introduced: EM_v3.0

Use the discover_devices API to discover devices to be managed by an Enterprise Manager.

Important: If you plan to use iControl Proxy to communicate with discovered devices, you must discover them through the internal traffic interface; not the management interface.

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ic.Management.EM.discoverdevices(addresses = deviceaddresses, usernames = deviceusernames, passwords = devicepasswords)

C#, Java, and Perl

ic.ManagementEM.discover_devices(deviceAddresses, deviceUsernames, devicePasswords);


Name Type Description
addressesString SequenceThis parameter specifies the IP addresses or hostnames of the devices you want to discover.
usernamesString SequenceThis parameter specifies the username credentials of the devices you want to discover.
passwordsString SequenceThis parameter specifies the password credentials of the devices you want to discover.

Return Values

Name Type Description
taskStringThe ID of the new discovery task.


Exception Name This exception is raised when...
AccessDeniedThe credentials supplied by the client do not satisfy the F5 device's validation requirements.
OperationFailedThe API call causes an operation error.
InvalidArgumentThe API call contains an invalid argument.

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C# (.net)
Published Mar 07, 2015
Version 1.0

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