Data Center Firewall Quick Start iApp template

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This iApp template is meant to accompany the new Data Center Firewall deployment guide and simplify the initial configuration.

This iApp has two related functions. (1) If you choose it can apply (enforce or stage) basic global edge-firewall policy to guard all traffic through the BIG-IP. (2) It can create all of the BIG-IP AFM address, port, icmp, and rule lists described in the f5 Deployment Guide Deploying the BIG-IP Dual-Stack Data Center Firewall With F5 Advanced Firewall Manager customized for your network, plus all of the related network firewall, IP Intelligence, and HTTP protocol security policies. This iApp can also create the iRules shown in the Deployment Guide plus IP Intelligence feed lists, blacklist categories, and related LTM objects including (if you wish) local white- and blacklists stored in BIG-IP datagroups. You may use these objects as building blocks in your own AFM firewall configuration.

For the deployment guide, see

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Published Jul 06, 2015
Version 1.0

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