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Jan 21, 2023

Stable point of Configuration " Rescue Point "

Hello Everyone, 
Sometimes we need to save our configuration after big modifications to a stable point. 
I know that we can take a user configuraton set "UCS" to save our Configuration with the new modification , But what about defining a new object or a stable point which I can save the new configuartion to it after making sure that all services and the Device work well without issues. 

I suggest this because in busy networks such as ISPs , The governments or Banks ..etc which have several numbers of F5 appliances with multiple administarors to configure these appliances and maintain a huge number of Critical services. 
So I suggest to define a " Rescue point " and save the new configuration to after validation that all services work well after new changes in configuration files or any change to F5 appliance at all , this will enable us to rollback any new changes that impacted running services or F5 resources .... etc. 

To show my suggestion more : 
- when we need to create UCS file We issue ( #tmsh save sys ucs UCS_NAME.ucs ) so similarly we can issue new command to define a " Rescue point " Like this (#tmsh save sys Rescue ) and issue such this command 
( #tmsh load sys Rescue ) to rollback again to Rescue point which is a validated stable point for F5 system at all.

Briefly : 
Defining a stable point we can call it the " Rescue point " which contains a Good status for configuration and running services , and Returning back to it again if anyone made a change that impacted the running services. 

Also If a Compare option added to F5 to see the difference between " Rescue Configurations " and " New added Configuration " to see exactly what added to F5 Configuration made this impact. 
Also this will help to restore impacted services quickly without the need of Loading UCS files. 

This suggestion not a replacement for UCS files , it’s only a light way can help for quick services Restoration , facilitating troublshooting or to be another option for Administrators to Backup their valid changes. 


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    Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh - I'm not clear if this is a product suggestion? or a process suggestion?

    Generally speaking - this suggestions section is for ideas related to changes you'd like to see on the community itself. If a product suggestion comes in - I'll try to hand it off to the appropriate product owner at F5 but I can't tell what part of the product you are asking for an update to exactly.



  • Hello LiefZimmerman how are you , 
    ohh .. sorry. 
    I thought that we can put suggestions for both F5 technologies and Community as well. 
    so I added my suggestion for a feature hope to be added to F5 technologies. 

    so I am sorry for misunderstanding. 


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    Needs Info

    That's ok - no worries.

    I'll leave it here as "declined" and then advise either of three procedural things - depending on what you want to do next. You may already know some of this but, as a use-case for others who may find this thread later on; I'll elaborate.

    1. If you want an F5 Product Team member to be aware of your idea asap and if you think your idea is pretty fully described
      Then, contact your Account Representative and ask them to get your idea into the appropriate Enhancement Request System (for the product in question)

    2. If you want to generate conversation around your suggestion; flesh it out a bit more then write a Community Article on the idea and solicit feedback for updates. You can rev your original idea document this way until you have it as good as you can.


    3. If you want to have a fully threaded conversation with other people about your idea, maybe see if others have solved this request another way, etc...use the Technical Forum.

    If you choose either 2 or 3, eventually, if you think your idea is suitable for an enhancement to an existing F5 product, you will still need to go through your Account Representative in order to get an F5 Product Representative to take it into their backlog.

    (UNCOMMON: If you don't have an Account Representative let us know on the DevCentral team and we will do the best we can to find the right Product Representative.)

  • I should also mention, if you send this Suggestion page (or Forum post, or Community article) to your account representative with the associated conversation and kudos and views from other Community Members you will lend the weight of your collective voice to your Account Rep - it helps.
    You won't have to write it all out again in a separate email. 😄

  • That’s fine , 
    it will be good idea to share it in community Articles to know more about experts opnion in this 😀
    No I haven’t Represntatives 

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    Ok - thanks Mohammed.

    If you end up writing a Community Article on this let me know and I'll add the link to this Suggestion (as part of the breadcrumbs for what it is)

    Looking forward to it.