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Hey ChatGPT, can you write iRules?

iRules allow you to parse the payload of the data passing through the BIG-IP and, at wire speed, execute an entire script of commands on that traffic.They allow you to log and redirecting traffic, modify the URI or port or to rewrite the payload itse...

Building a lab using Proxmox

Whether you’re playing around with some new NGINX features, the latest F5 release or maybe just some generic servers or systems you always wanted to have a look at, having a lab environment is extremely useful. I’ve been running lab environments for...

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AlexBCT by MVP
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Setting up persistence in F5 XC

Following up on my previous community article about Layer 7 Content Switching in F5 Distributed Cloud (XC) I wanted to share my experience setting up persistence. Again the terms used in XC differ from the terms we are used to from BIG-IP, but they a...

hostname-based-l7routing.png picture1.png picture2.png picture3.png

Layer 7 Content Routing in F5 XC

Many of us are well-versed in setting up Layer 7 Content Switching, based on an URL Path or based on the Host header, with iRules or with LTM Local Traffic Policies. Now I have been tasked to setup Layer 7 Content Switching based on the Host header ...

hostname-based-l7routing.png hostname-based-l7routing-match.png host-based-routing3 - Copy.png hostname-based-l7routing-metrics3.png

Perform out-of-place upgrade of vCMP guests via Ansible

Are you exploring options to upgrade your F5 vCMP guests? Check out the approach we took to perform an out-of-place upgrade of F5 BIG-IP LTM and F5 BIG-IP DNS vCMP guests from version 12.x to 15.x running on a multi-chassis architecture.You will read...

reesek by Altocumulus
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3D printed coaster with the F5 logo

Howdy! I made a coaster this summer and promised I'd share the code. Well, here it is! Import it to your favorite 3D modeling programChange if you wishExport to your slicerSlice it so you can change c...

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Certificate Expiry Email alert configuration

Here are steps to receive certificate expiry email alertStep 1.update /config/ user_alert.conf directory with alert CERTIFICATE_EXPIRED "Certificate (.*) expired" {snmptrap OID=".";email toaddress=""fromaddress...

How much bandwidth are we using?

How to determine how much bandwidth your BIG-IP is actually using? Future licensing has a 200Mbps licensing limitation divided across TMM's (K15831) and we need to know if the current usage is greater than this. We are running BIGIP version 12.1.2. S...

Arabic Blackboard F5 series [what is Big-IP]

In this video you will understand F5 big-ip technology portfolio and core solutions.TMOS - LTM - GTM (DNS) - APM - ASM (AWAF) - SWG - AFM - AAM and BIG-IQ, Silverline, VE of Big-IP. [ ][video]

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