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Irule to match a Domain

Guys I really need your help. Im currently working on a request. Lets say i have the below URL are asking me to disable anything that comes after the /files that has an image extension like jpg, pd...

SCP "path not allowed"

Hello,  I just upgraded to BigIP and now cannot scp some text files from the F5 appliances to my linux workstation.  Either from the F5 bash prompt scp sening to my linux box or the other way around, I keep getting "path not allowed".  I rea...

cnoyes by Nimbostratus
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Help with migrating external DNS servers

My questions about migrating to new servers: Is there any reason to not make the new servers also DC's and convert the zones to Active Directory integrated primary zones? If I do this would I lose the ability to modify multiple zones at the same time...

condition irule OR not working

Can somebody help on this. the first irule is working perfectly but when adding OR condition it is not (not working section) .this is working:----------------------when HTTP_REQUEST {if { (([HTTP::uri] ne "/evs/ent.msg.evs.ext.Notification_1.0") and ...

How to convert SWG log to regex on paloalto.

I need to show swg log to Palo alto user mapping. This is a swg log.swg tmm[4771]: 24641538 Common,/Common/,/Common/expilcit,cb08e26a,,(anonymous),,/Common/Information_Techno...

Screen Shot 2565-05-16 at 21.58.29.png

F5 logs

We feed out F5 logs into a SIEM and use for incident investigation. Currently the logs we get do not show cs information - all I get is the ss IP addresses. This makes it impossible to correlate IPS alerts with the source IP -- all I see is the ss IP...

F5 cluster in Azure - why ALB is suggested in fornt?

Hi!Recently we are building F5 cluster in Azure. Regular stuff, with VIPs and RServers behind the F5, maybe SSL termination.Initially we wanted to build it in classic way. Public IP in front + DNS entry (no need for DNS LB), next NAT it to F5 Outside...

GTM/DNS as a smart DNS server ("without" LTM)

Hi,I am trying to figure out a way to use F5 BIG-IP GTM/DNS as a smart DNS server only. The idea is shown in the figure below.There a two data centers with GTMs, LTMs and servers as shown above. Let's just say that we don't want to place the servers ...

SMilanic by Altocumulus
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F5 LTM Unable to access the Nodes

Hi AllI have F5 101 exam and i was practicing the cbtnugget lab everything works fine however after creating the virtual server I can't access the nodes. I can see the hit on the nodes but i cant access them? what could be the reason?

starboy by Altostratus
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Big-IQ API query and only return result from active LTM?

We're trying to perform automation on BigIQ and the challenge were facing is were getting results from both the LTM device and we cant easily identify which object is from the Active LTM. Is it possible to do Big-IQ API query and only return result f...

John-31 by Nimbostratus
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OneConnect Profile Max-Reuse of Zero

Hi,We have an existing production OneConnect profile with a max-reuse paramter of zero:ltm profile one-connect /Border/pr_OneConnect_NoReuse {    app-service none    max-reuse 0}Does anyone have an idea of what this means?Does it close the backend co...

stuck on a spinner

I have a case of a very long running database query, and I need spinner to entertain  the users. But  I cannot figure it  out.location /longtest {default_type  'text/html; charset=UTF-8'; content_by_lua_block {                local h = io.popen('bash...

Resolved! iRule Not Firing after APM policy completes

Hi,I'm struggling to understand what is going on here.  Basically, we have an iRule on a HTTPS virtual server that takes the URI and presents a corresponding iFile.  This works perfectly but when I apply an APM policy to the configuration, the iFile ...

Resolved! Customized Bot Signature not working

Hi Experts,I hope someone can help me  We have BigIP -LTM and and a new ASM module. We have created a Bot Signature to identify our own automatic requests adding a customized User-Agent header, but the Bot Defense do not asociate this signature with ...

marta_sl by Nimbostratus
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CORS Question

Not too familiar with CORS (and I've looked over the implementation post), but can't seem to find the answer to my question. I have a VS that has a rewrite profile attached to it. All the URI rewrites go to backend servers, but one of them actually g...

Check for server certificate revocation

HI We are planning to upgrade BIG-IP 13.x to 14.x, but if we upgrade to 14.x, users will ge popup of "Revocation information for the secuirty certificate for theis site is not available. Do you want to proceed?"From F5 support, we got advince that if...

Sakiy by Altostratus
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iControl REST Python Requests module

While iControl REST is great and pretty robust given how much we use it.  But I come to the forum today to see if anyone has any experience with the Python requests module and the underlying urllib3 module.  When I do have problems with iControl its ...

snmpboy by Nimbostratus
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Access policy sync error

Hi,I have two F5 that have manual policy sync between them for APM policy.When I try to do policy sync for specific policy its failed and I get this error:01b70070:3: local_path (/tmp/psync_local_file) starts with invalid directory. Valid directories...

Sefi_Miz by Nimbostratus
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