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Http monitor on different port

Hello ,Is it possible that the port on the http monitor is not the same as the port on the service?EX.F5 monitor 1111 portBut the pool server port is 2222I thought about using an external monitor to achieve this, is there a way to use http monitor to...

F5 APM Home lab setup

Dear Experts,I am looking for setup F5 APM home lab, can you please guide me how to prepare it what are the backend server required if any one of you done kindly share the list of the coustomize backend server anything please

aali86 by Nimbostratus
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F5 custom user_alert.conf same trap with alert.conf

HiRefer to We should use different name and different match message from the one in alert.confIf I want to set email alert on CPU temp high (this stanza is in alert.conf)alert BIGIP_SYSTEM_CHECK_E_CPU_TEMP_HI...

kridsana by Cirrostratus
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External Monitor with curl command

Hi experti want to write script for external monitor as scenarioi have 3 pools with priority group less than 1 that mean only 1 server should accept traffic and the others are standbythe priority group as expected but the development want only 1 pool...

Agus12 by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! UCS file

Hi ,i have following question about UCS ..What is a “normal” size of UCS file and consider different Modules like LTM / ASM / AWAF / APM and their combinationsWhich files / directories are in a UCS by default?Which files are in the UCS and are not th...

About Https monitor

Hello,I would like to monitor servers that arehttps:// would like to monitor when the webpage is not available.I checked the F5 file and it says I can set it up like this:SEND: GET / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost...

Failover for specific virtual server

Hello everyone,I'm kinda new on F5 and i'm trying to learn about different failover mechanism.Let's supose we have an active/standby configuration and each device have 3 virtual server ( A, B and C )each one with their respective pools.It is possible...

use irule to sign data using sha256

Hello everyone, I have a request like this:HTTP REQUEST- headerPOST /login HTTP1/1Host: xxxxxx<some other fields>- Body:<data>----> f5 receives and uses Irule to modify the HTTP REQUEST as follows:- Header: Unchanged- Body:<data> + <Hash the data str...

Resolved! .htaccess to Nginx rules

My website was working fine with Apache .htaccess rules. Now I have sifted it to nginx because ofa new server. I need help to convert following apache rules to nginx directives/configurations.also, where in my ./etc/nginx/sites-enabled/

Razzera by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! Cannot see GSLB in F5

Hello, Under DNS, there should be GSLB based on documents, but l cannot see it. Did I miss some steps? Please see the below screenshot. Thanks   


High CPU utilization for only cpu 0

I have 8 CPUs in multi thread format but only CPU 0 utilization goes 100 and rest 7 CPUs utilization remains under 30%.I am using 2 LTM in active-active mode and it is happening for both the LTMs.  

C3D and header insert

Have a F5 that is a WAF so is performing the break and inspect on user web traffic sending through the ASM module.  Since the customers backend requires a user certificate I explained to the user there are two options that can be utilized.Option 1 (p...

sgnormo by Cirrus
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Resolved! HTTPS to HTTP

hi,i have a situation where i have to redirect incoming traffic on https to http as the old applications does not support https yet.i have tried to create 2 VS one http and one https and tried to use en IRULE to redirect traffic to http under https V...

Need iRule to block the traffic for specific URL

HelloCan somebody help on this please? I have LTM appliance & Virtual server '' hosted.The requirement I have is to block all the traffic destinated to one of the application '' - is this something ach...

JamesB12 by Altocumulus
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Windows edge client - Trusted Sites

Hello Guys,F5 windows Edge client is using IE settings to look for trusted site, is it possible to use Edge trusted site settings instead?Thanks in advance,

omh155 by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! About VS : Vlan and tunnel configuration

Hello,Where can I see the performance difference between "all VLANs and tunnels" and "enabled on VlanX" on F5?If there is no difference in performance, then why do I need to specify Vlan? Wouldn't "allow all" be more convenient?Any help is appreciate...

Resolved! Does Big-IP forward layer 4 to pool servers?

In the scenario a 3rd party device is health checking an F5 virtual server (tcp port check) would that be forwarded to the backend server or would the F5 terminate that itself? if the pool members were all down would a tcp handshake still succeed to ...

JamesCrk by Nimbostratus
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Client get access from only one node

 Hello, Client access virtual server via http and can get web page from node: win21 and win22. Based on the below, the connection number increase one by one between both. why most time client get web page from win21? The config ratio between both is ...


BIG-IQ Pool Member Address values

Hello ,In the BIG-IQ ->  Applications -> Analytics -> Pool Member addresses , beside the Node IP we see multiple values :Aggregated:0Big IP Internal Module:0N/A: 0Do you have any ideea what those values represent ?

gbogdan by Nimbostratus
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About dossier

Hello,I have a question..Why does the length of the dossier generated with the command line seem to be different? (much shorter)#get_dossier -b XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXAny help is appreciated.

Resolved! APM TCP connection limit K38157145

I encountered this issue today when trying to troubleshoot a problem that presented as TCP ACK/RSTs being sent from a VS using APM.I found the problem while getting data together for a ticket. Error Message: 01490547:4: Access Profile <name>: Per IP ...

rate limit based on http error codes-source ip

I'm looking for an irule to rate limit http response error codes coming from same client .What we want to create is a check where a client that is coming is is checked . If he gets a 500 error code , we want to log it . When the same client would get...