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Jun 22, 2023

ProTip - Step away from your bias

Posted this on the socials, but wanted to document here as well...

#ProTip - Constant struggle when learning new tech: stepping back and analyzing what is, rather than what is perceived. It's super easy to point finger at what is new and unknown and thus delay finding the real problem is in the stuff you already know.

Today's example: I was trying to get an F5 Distributed Cloud (F5XC) service on a virtual k8s site to work outside the pod. Still learning the nuances of F5XC services, so my focus on the problem was squarely in what I was probably doing wrong there, but COMPLETELY ignored that the workload I was trying to service was built on the default http port, and my service was set up as 8080, and thus rejected my requests.

Thanks to MichaelatF5 for talking me off the ledge... 🙂

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