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Apr 11, 2023

load balancing between different ISP


I have a new implementation For F5 GTM and LTM to use  both of them to load balance between different ISP, how can make this implementation to make load balancing for outbound traffic, 

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  • This is one of my favorite use cases and I did this as a customer. 

    For outbound traffic, you set up a vip on and the pool members are the ip addresses of the isp routers. You want to set your vip to not perform destination NAT (no address or port translation) and your health monitors for those isp routers can be transparent monitors. 

    then you have your network point the default gw to the LTM/GTM. 

    I can explain more if needed but this should be documented so I recommend reaching out to your account team or finding those docs. Let me know by messaging me if you need more help. 

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      thanks, Michael, please if you can provide me with documentation, 

       so we will need to make load balancing for outgoing traffic just LTM License, 

      I want to ask if we need to make load balancing for incoming traffic in this case we will need GTM License and LTM