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Jan 26, 2022

How are we planning to organise content here?

Hi There,

There is a LOT of inbound content coming over. How are you planning to organise it all?


Can you advise on the plan for content organisation and the planned page navigation strategy?


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  • Kevin,
    Thank you for asking - there is a lot of new ways to see existing content.
    For the most part this is the same content just displayed differently. Leslie_Hubertus wrote about the site navigation in this article Getting Started - go down a bit to Navigating the Site.

    As for Labels and Tags on this platform:
    Labels are enforced on new content and represent a very small set-list of high-level organization defined by us: Security, DevOps, Application Delivery etc.
    Tags are those free-form pieces that the author may contribute to their own post.

    You can interact with these components like this: (added tags are clickable/sortable too) 

    You can subscribe to changes for any label (when you click on it)

    And you can see articles sorted by tags by clicking on them too. The red bar at the left of a post marks UNREAD.


  • One thing Kevin_Davies is that subscribing to a tag is board specific, so if you want to see (for example) irules in articles and technical forum, you need to subscribe in both places.