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Mar 03, 2024

Account transfer (merge) request

Hello Admin's

I have an account that I have been using for years. I would like to have that content, and history moved to my personal account (if possible)... versus starting over.


Is this possible?

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  • Thanks for seeing this Kendall_Brennei


    Merging accounts is not possible.

    BUT...I/we can help you access your previous account with new (private) credentials.

    I'll PM you at this account and ask a few questions - starting with...
    * Do you still have access to the previous account?
    * Do you still need access to MyF5 (via any account?)


    (PS. it seems our HELP text on this subject may have been wearing the redshirt during a surface team excursion and uh, didn't make it back through the transporter in one piece. Eesh)