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Feb 03, 2022

2022 Predictions

You can check out PSilva' s Top 10 Top Predictions for 2022 and make sure you catch the replay of today's DevCentral Connects as well. What are your personal, professional, or general industry predictions for 2022? I'll post some below the video I didn't get to talk about during the show.

  • On Social: Consumers will crave snackable content; investments in more long-form and short-form content, including live audio chat rooms; misinformation campaigns will only grow. Topic of conversation: what is misinformation?
  • Forbes: Future of Work: not just shift to remote; shift in scheduling, with 4x8 work weeks gaining traction?
  • On Cybersecurity: nation-state cyber Cold War; weaponized deep fake
  • On Corporate & General IT: *aaS pervasive presence; 30% of corporate teams without a boss due to agile and hybrid nature of work; companies will break up with poor-fit customers (cost to retain eclipses good-fit customer acquisition)
  • On Cloud: hybrid and multi-cloud architecture strategies will help businesses avoid clock lock-in; intelligent edge will become the primary cloud entry point


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  • One of my predictions I didn't get to:

    More internet for less - will low-orbit satellite internet make a big impact? Carriers that are not overly tied to terrestrial infrastructure. More bandwidth for less? Does this unlock geographies that were previously challenged? And will that affect their education system? I'm really looking forward to seeing how that unfolds!