F5 Visits - AnsibleFest 2022 - Chicago - October 18 - 19, 2022

F5 will be sponsoring this year at AnsibleFest 2022 (October 18th and 19th) in Chicago. Here's what we have in store!


F5 Booth for the Solutions Exchange   

Stop by and check out the F5 booth; we're at booth number 404. Technical experts will be on-hand to answer questions and help you learn about using F5 solutions with Red Hat Ansible and Ansible Automation Platform.  Bring questions about your Automation needs and/or share your automation solutions with


Join our session presented by Matt_Mabis (Senior Solutions Architect at F5)

BS1238 - Advanced application security and network automation with Ansible

Cybersecurity automation is crucial to protecting your online environment. But most organizations existing staff find it impossible to handle the ongoing volume of security exploits and automate security policies on their own.

Learn how Ansible automation can help you protect and secure your legacy and modern applications. And, paired with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and Monitoring, you can solve for injection, brute force, and reverse shell-based attacks. Don't miss our demo, which will show the power of automation and telemetry to address security threats in real time.


Join our lab session taught by Matt_Mabis (Senior Solutions Architect at F5)

WS1334 - Introduction to F5 Automation

The Ansible F5 Networking workshop provides exercises that demonstrate Ansible Automation Platform capabilities to automate the F5 BIG-IP platform. You will be exploring, configuring and managing F5 BIG-IP instances via Ansible playbooks and extending them to Ansible Automation Platform for enterprise use cases.

Hope to see you there!

Updated Oct 11, 2022
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