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May 03, 2011


OK so I found the 2 posts below one doing X forwarded proto with an irule and one doing it with a custom http profile. This may be a stupid question, but how can I test to make sure it is working properly? Will it show up in something like live http headers on firefox? Seems like it wouldn't show up in the browser but just between the F5 and the app server?


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  • Hi Joe,

    You're correct that the inserted header would only exist between LTM and the pool members. You can log the header values in a later instance of the HTTP_REQUEST event:

    when HTTP_REQUEST priority 501 {
       log local0. "X-Forwarded-Proto: [HTTP::header values X-Forwarded-Proto]"

    Or you could use tcpdump on the serverside VLAN. Something like this:

    tcpdump -nXs0 -i SERVER_VLAN host SERVER_IP

  • Either adding it to the existing iRule or adding it as another separate iRule to the same VS will have the same effect.



  • So if this shows up in my local traffic log it is working?



    Rule X-Forward-LOG : X-Forwarded-Proto: https