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May 23, 2003

WSDL compiling warnings.




I wsdl utility found in Visual Studio .NET 2003 to compile the wsdl files found in iControl WSDL v4.5. During the course of the compilation into either C or VB .NET languages, there are several warnings depicted below. Could someone please assess this issue and provide comments on its impact?



Schema validation warning: Namespace '' is not available to be referenced in the schema.



WSDL command invoked:


wsdl /l:vb /n:ITCMSystem.SystemInfo ITCMSystem.SystemInfo.wsdl /o:ITCMSystem.SystemInfo.wsdl



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Gary Chen

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  • Starting with Visual Studio.NET 2003, several of wsdl documents included in the SDK generate warnings when compiled with wsdl.exe at the command prompt. The warnings arise when compiling WSDL documents with complex types with a restriction base of SOAP-ENC:Array. This is a SOAP v1.1 supported encryption type.



    There is no information on this warning (at this time) in the Microsoft knowledge bases. It has been verified that these warning have to do with using the SOAP v1.1 schema encoding and an issue wsdl.exe's parsing of them. The same behavior can be seen by compiling several wsdl documents available from as well.



    It has been verified that these warnings are just informational and the correct generated client code is generated and functions properly.



    When all the supported client toolkits include support for SOAP v1.2, we will move to the new encoding schema and this should remove the warning messages.