WARNING: Security Device Enclosed

If you aren’t using all the security tools at your disposal you’re doing it wrong.

How many times have you seen an employee wave on by a customer when the “security device enclosed” in some item – be it DVD, CD, or clothing – sets off the alarm at the doors? Just a few weeks ago I heard one young lady explain the alarm away with “it must have be the CD I bought at the last place  I was at…” This apparently satisfied the young man at the doors who nodded and turned back to whatever he’d been doing.

All the data the security guy needed to make a determination was there; he had all the context necessary in which to analyze the situation and make a determination based upon that information. But he ignored it all. He failed to leverage all the tools at his disposal and potentially allowed dollars to walk out the door. In doing so he also set a precedent and unintentionally sent a message to anyone who really wanted to commit a theft: I ignore warning signs, go ahead.

Published Nov 19, 2009
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  • @Chetan



    I like that - a lot. Most banks have that kind of protection on transactions, but not on logins. Both are equally valuable, IMO.



    I wonder if banks will eventually use security protections like this as a competitive differentiator? With so much focus on security and id theft it might be advantageous for banks and other financial institutions to present a "how WE protect your identity/money/etc...". Choices are good. ;-)