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Sep 26, 2010

Would like to change the server side host name

We would like to have an i-rule which will change the server side url i.e.user will access the site using hostname like and when request hit the server it should get rewrite with . We have enable the port translation on the VIP and VIP is configured with HTTPS and HTTP and Pool member with port 7080 .



But wehenver we access the site using we get an error invalid host. currenly no irule is applied on the VIP .

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  • If you go directly to the pool member over port 7080, are you getting the error? You'd have to figure out what's sending that "invalid host" message. You shouldn't have to rewrite anything if you're using port translation properly. Is this error present for both your HTTPS and HTTP VIPs?
  • It sounds like the TCP layer is working correctly, but the virtual host on the web server is configured only for You can have LTM insert this using an iRule like:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
        Check if host header doesn't end with :7080 already
       if {not ([HTTP::host] eq "")}{
           Replace the host header
          HTTP::header replace Host ""