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Mar 27, 2012

Windows 8 and FirePass

Hi everyone,



I just wanted to know if anyone else has bluescreens when using the FirePass client and Windows 8 or even has a solution for that. My client build version is 6010,2007,233,319, the API version is 6010,2007,223,316.



Best regards,



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  • I have not. What version of FP?



    I know application tunnels work with IE in compatibility mode. Unfortunately, I have not had time to test it with the edge client.
  • Hi Mike,



    thanks for your reply. Sorry for the **** question, but please specify your question "What version of FP"? Build and API version are in my first post. Or am I missing something?



    Best regards,


  • What version of Firepass :)



    It looks like version 6.10 but need to confirm.
  • Hmm, the numbers above are the only ones I can see. Except in installed programs view I see the version 60.2007.0223.0325. Where else can I check?
  • I'm checking with our admin's on version.


    Ours is restricted to "supported operating systems". So, can anyone comment on when Firepass will support Windows 8?