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Dec 30, 2010

Where is doc for XML response?

I'm new to the BigIP F5 world and am struggling to find my way through the documentation. I would much appreciate any quick pointers to the right documentation to read to help me with the following:



I want to send an HTTP request to our load balancer to get a list of the current pools, servers etc. It would be nice to get some XML back that I could then use to configure our software stack (which is in Ruby) appropriately. I don't want to change anything, or use embedded API's etc. I just want the robot version of the web page interfaces.




Thanks in advance,




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  • Nick: you'll want to use our SOAP Api for this. There's no REST-style interface for calls like this as of now. There's been some Ruby work done over the last year or so, so it'll hopefully be a pretty natural thing to get up and going with.



  • Matt,

    thanks for that - I've mangled some of the iControl Perl samples into Ruby and am making progress. I just didn't want to do that if there was something simpler.