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Mar 20, 2024

What triggers "analytics gui-widget added to config"



I was looking around at a number of things in the GUI - mainly around network firewall, firewall rules lists and VLAN stuff. Was looking at many other things at the time so not sure what triggered the generation of the "analytics gui-widget added to config" config change. I certainly didn't do anything I would have considered as "configuration" or that I would expect would cause a configuration change.

This led to the active device becoming out of "configuration sync" with the standby device, with the yellow sync required message.

When looked at the bigip.conf file difference between the two, the only difference I can see is the "analytics gui-widget added to config" entry on the big.conf file of the active device, which also shows in the audit log file at /var/log/audit against my administrator username.


What actually triggers this?