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Jul 01, 2021

What is F5 ASM conviction and can it be used for configuring custom URL honey pot trap?

I see the feature conviction can be triggered in an irule but can it be done also in the ASM policy? Also can the honey pod traps be configured to send specific URL for the honey pod server or this i...
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    Jul 12, 2021

    This became indeed my Sunday entertainment. I came up with two use cases, which I believe are good:

    1. Brute Force / Logon Page protection > 302 redirect the malicious actor to a fake site, trick him/her to believe he/she had a successful login. Might be an airgapped copy of your real site. Analyse the malicous actors movement on the fake site.
    2. Bot Defense > e.g. Bot does a mass sign up on a loyalty program. Make a (slow loading) honey page to trick the bot into believing that it succesfully signed up. Let the hacker exhaust his/her resources.


    I'd not use honeypages for each and everything. Hosting them requires extra resources, security measures and time effort.