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Sep 28, 2011

WEBINAR! Deploying VMware View in your Production Environment?

All are welcome! Join us for a webinar on October 4th- offered at 10am CST & 2pm CST.






VMware View in the Real World - addressing access, security, scalability and availability for virtual desktop solution.



Join Dell, VMware, and F5 to learn more about industry leading virtualization solutions for VMware. Whether you are planning a VDI pilot or managing production virtual desktops, providing secure end-user access is a critical component of any VDI strategy. Furthermore, assuring that your VDI deployment is scalable and available is another important aspect. Yet, ensuring successful implementation can add complexity to IT infrastructures and makes it difficult and expensive to scale.



Dell has collaborated with VMware and F5 to create economical, secure and scalable solutions for VMware View that are easy and effective. Join us to learn why Dell, VMware, and F5 joined forces and how you can gain better access management, security, scalability, and manageability for your View deployment.



Join us to learn how to:


 Drive identity through the network


 Ensure strong endpoint security


 Ensure scalability and availability





Melanie Christiansen F5 Business Development Manager
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