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Mar 02, 2011

Webinar- How F5, Dell and VMware can help you get the most out of your mission-critical applications

Hello Group,



I wanted to make you aware of a webinar we are offering on behalf of F5, Dell, & VMware on March 8th & March 10th "Maximizing the Agility of your Virtualized Infrastructure".



Register here! We are offering two dates & times to fit more schedules.



We will be discussing the following topics:



• Improving your virtual machine host density up to 60%


• Integrating F5 and vSphere to enable complete VM automated provisioning


• Delivering virtualized apps globally across multiple datacenters


• Executing Live App migration of application between data centers over the WAN without downtime or user disruption



Register today! Everyone is welcome.


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    Historic F5 Account
    Wow! Great turn out on our webinars this week. We had 201 on the phone & 113 on live meeting! Thanks again to those of you who attended.



    For those of you we missed, here is a link to the recorded version. Enjoy! This webinar is only 30 minutes.