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Sep 01, 2011

WCF Over SSL and Load Balance returns 404/no end point error




We have a WCF services that uses SSL for TransportWithMessageCredential security. The service works well when there is only one server behind the F5 load balancer. It returns a 404/There is no endpoint listening when more than one server is running. The same error is produced using both basicHttp and wsHttp.



we looked at the context switch and rules. Any guidance in what to look for?






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    I have some questions for you...



    What version of BIG-IP are you running? Are you decrypting the SSL traffic before it hits the one server? Are your servers virtual on the same bare metal or all different bare metal? Are the configurations the same across all servers?



    Assuming everything checks out on the server farm, it would be good to open a case with F5 support. Our engineers can help in troubleshooting your F5 configuration, and will be able to assist you in pinpointing the cause of your issue.