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May 02, 2012

WA misbehaving?

We had an issue with 10.2.2 where the pvac daeomon was crashing frequently and causing the WA to fetch every object from the OWS and causing the OWS to crash. support never really answered why it happened but they advised me to apply the 10.2.4 hotfix. Anyway i still have the following problems



current settings:



IBR, Mutliconnect,content compression, content assembly on proxies are all enabled



Obecy ES max-age headers, use http lfetime headers, ignore no-cache in request and ignore no-cache in respose are all checked.



WA cache settings



max-age=24 hrs


stand-in= 12 hrs


http lifetime heuristic=50 %



clien cache settings


max age=2 hours



the goal of the above settings is to make sure the WA serves out content for 24 hours unless the cache is invaliadated. however, we continue to see the WA fetch objects from the OWS though the 24 hour windows has not expired.



also, 'Age' header is missing for images and includes.



Any thought/suggestions would be welcomed.












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