Traffix was Acquired by F5 Networks

The media had it in the spotlight for a while and you can still catch a piece here or there.

But just in case you haven’t heard the good news, Traffix was acquired by F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV), the leader in Application Delivery Controllers.

In this post, I’d like to delve slightly deeper to explain why this is a good thing for Traffix customers, all service providers, and ultimately, for the end user.

F5 is a company of over a billion dollars in annual sales and a market value of over 10 billion dollars, clearly deserving of the reputation as the experts in IP solutions. Furthermore, the F5 organization is unsurpassed in its investment in R&D, responsive support and timely delivery. And their results speak for themselves.

Now that Traffix is an integral and important part of F5, the experts of the applications and data planes (the edge of a telephony network) are joined by the experts of Diameter and the control plane (the core of a network). And most importantly, service providers have already begun to experience the added value of our products’ synergies. Our solutions work together to form the most comprehensive IP solution for telcos, ensuring optimal performance of the edge and core networks. This end-to-end approach enables service providers to seamlessly transform their networks to IP based technology. And IP-based technology, or otherwise known as 4G, gives the consumer the best experience in using a mobile device for data, meaning viewing videos, playing games, checking Facebook, sending photos or many others.

There are multiple positive energies of the F5-Traffix combination.

Not only do service providers receive 100% reliable signaling management, but they benefit from fortified R&D, delivery and support teams. And there is renewed confidence that we are there for the long haul.

I’m confident that the market, both service providers and their customers will be pleased with the merging of the two worlds because if not immediately, sometime soon, your phone system will move to 4G, an IP-based data and control. So what could be better than having the IP experts of all parts of the telephone network put their resources, knowledge and expertise together to ensure the highest quality of service, wherever you are, and however you need it to work.

Stay in touch. It’ll be exciting.

Published Feb 20, 2012
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