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Feb 21, 2024

Virtual Server to replicate or duplicate all traffic to pool members

Hello There!

I need assistance on how to create a virtual server that will replicate or duplicate all requests to all pool members instead of load-balancing them. All pool members must receive the same traffic at all time.

Susch as the scenario we usually have for syslog servers in a pool.


Thanks in advance.

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  • What traffic are you trying to duplicate? For a one-way protocol like UDP it's simple, but TCP and most other protocols require two-way communication. So you either have to do what the SSL Orchestrator product does and deserialize/reserialize individual TCP channels as a full-proxy so that all members participate in a chain, or you have to copy the packets using a feature like Clone Pool and send them to whatever devices you want and only the original TCP peers participate in the communication and other participants are observers.

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      Thanks Lucas.

      I am trying to duplicate UDP traffic on port 2055 to both pool members. So yeas it's a one-way traffic I want to duplicate.

      Can you please show me how?