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Oct 06, 2010

Virtual Server Pool Member Status And Control

Hello All


I send this post to tell you that I download the Virtual Server Pool Member Status And Control.


And I can see that this is very cool app for windows, but I wanna know if there some how


to manage this app. because I see in this app doesn't refresh itself.


Or I must refresh it everytime.


for now I refresh manually.


Do you know if there's another app for windows that work like this?.


Or How can I manage it?


Since now thanks a lot.


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  • Hi,



    The source code for the application should be in the download file. You could either modify it yourself or post in the iControl forum and see if Joe would be able and willing to modify it for you.



  • Hi Hoolio:


    Thanks for your help.


    In general I dont need a app specially for windows, I can use for linux a webapp or through console too.


    The only thing that I need is like when you run this command shell as root " watch "bigtop -once | grep DOWN"." without being as root. Because I need to know which pool_server is down.


    May be you know some app that do this.


    I saw that app for windows is very cool but the problem that couldn't refresh itself, it isn't usefull for me.


    Since now thanks alot.