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Mar 31, 2011

virtual server cannot load from pool





I try to configure LTM VE on vmware workstation. I made a virtual server with ip address and pool I try to call virtual adress from my browser but it cannot show the content from the pool.



I checked in the virtual server statistic, it shown there was a connection to the virtual server but no statistic for the pool.



I already set SNAT to automap but still cannot load from the pool.



i use both bridge connection for mgmt and 1.1 interface.




anyone can help me?


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  • Can you ping from the VE command line? Does LTM VE have a self IP on the subnet?



    What protocol is the service? Can you make an application layer request to



  • Hi Aaron,




    I tried to ping to from the VE and I got replies. LTM VE self ip, you mean the LTM VE mgmt port? Yes it has the same subnet with the server address.



    Anyway, what do you mean by protocol of the service? and how to make application layer request to ?