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Dec 12, 2019

Viprion Blade backplane traffic



We have a viprion with 3 blades already in service and cabled. Last week we insterted an additional 4th but due to lack of time and resources we did not do the cabling. It is only connected to management. How we can ensure that the traffic that flows to this blade is going to use the backplane from the other blades?


We will cable it later.

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  • if you run command tmsh show sys conn and grep for "(slot/tmm: 4" this should show you all the connections catered by blade/ slot 4 and this should be enough proof that the connection flowed through backplane even without links connected to blade4.

  • Thanks Aries. The vCMPs in new blade are not yet live. I just wanted to make sure they will use the backplane. What you provided actually shows the connections if they are established. How I can ensure if the backplane will be used if the vCMP is not yet live and getting connections?