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Oct 12, 2015

Viprion 2400 Account locked out with Root/Admin Disabled

Hi I am using Viprion 2400 with B2150 Blade on V11.6.0 HF4 in standalone mode. Due to security, we had to disable root/admin account and created a single generic user with Shell Access. We also have a account lock out policy after 5 failed logins. Unfortunately, someone managed to input wrong password five times and resulted in account locked out. Now we have only single user with Access to Host and it is locked. There are three Guests which are working fine. I have tried and sol4178 for login to single user ID.


The problem I am facing is that we have a single user who is locked out and even if we reset password by sol13121 the account is still locked out. I have raised a support ID with F5 and they advised to do complete re-fresh build on Viprion Host. I have three Guests running and can't understad why we don't have any backdoor to get this sorted. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Syed


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  • Never seen this but would recommend doing as F5 support say and rebuild you host, make sure you have an archive of each vcmp guest first, and restore each guest.


    If you could try you could boot off a USB drive mount the correct volume and manually enable the root account again but you would need F5 supports help to do this.


    I would recommend not disabling the root and admin accounts in future, for security set long complex auto generated passwords and lock them in a safe. At the very worst you can reset the root account password but this would avoid ever getting locked out of your F5's again.