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Aug 21, 2011

Version 11 information

Hi iam a bit frustrated at the moment i would like to get all the information on version 11 i can so i can prepare for

the upcoming release ( summer is when we have most time to catch up and read before the rush in 4th quarter), but there is not


that much documentation on the F5 site, and there are no courses scheduled pre to the release of the product.


Is this just me, thats inpatient ? Or am i missing something.


I know the product is not released but it would be nice for once to get ahead and prep ahead of a release.








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  • Hi Craig,



    F5's general approach is to provide betas for new major versions. The betas include the software and use cases. We generally don't release full documentation until the software is officially released.



    You could get in touch with your local F5 SE or partner to get more info.



  • We'll be releasing v11 iRules information early next week, keep an eye on the wiki. Also, we'll be writing about the new and interesting features introduced. If you have specific features you'd like to know about, please post and we'll try to write it up.