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May 16, 2012

v11 "Changes Pending"

We recently upgraded our F5 3600 pair (active/passive) to v11.1 HF2.. i have noticed that everyday when i log in i see the message - Changes Pending..



I looked through the logs and no-one has logged in or changed anything.. we do have a automated job that disables one node in a pool and enables another node in the same pool.. Then later on at night the change happens again to bring it back to the original states..



Would this be considered as a change in the system?


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  • Kulastone,



    Yes, it would be considered a change. As I understand it, When a change is made that device advertises the change to the device group along w/ the commit ID of that change. The sync status is showing that one device has a more recent commit ID.



    Your ltm logs should reflect this:



    Commit id for device group /Common/device-group-failover updated to 5743416912851128012 /Common/devicename