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Dec 04, 2023

use F5 GTM as a local DNS server


how we can configure the GTM to use it as a DNS for the local users and add Public DNS on it as a forwarder


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  • Hi Amr_Ali,

    As of BIG-IP 12.0.0, F5 has officially changed the name of BIG-IP GTM to BIG-IP DNS. The BIG-IP DNS name better reflects the breadth of the product offering.

    I guess you must have Provision DNS module aready if not , you should navigate within the TMUI to System > Resource Provisioning and simply provision DNS.

    From your request what I am understanding that you want to Replace a DNS Server with BIG-IP GTM.

    BIG-IP GTM/DNS can replace the legacy DNS server as the primary authoritative name server for the zone. BIG-IP GTM handles all incoming DNS traffic, whether destined for a wide IP or handled by the BIND instance on the system.

    You need to Perform these tasks to replace a DNS server with BIG-IP GTM given in the link below.

    Configuring BIND servers to allow zone transfers



    b. Performing zone transfers from the legacy DNS server


    c. Creating a self IP address using the IP address of the legacy DNS server


    d. Designating GTM as the primary server for the zone

    e. Creating listeners to alert GTM to DNS traffic destined for the system

    f. Creating a wide IP