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Dec 15, 2010

Upload config to a new device

Hi folks,



I have a huge set of config data in following form.


I have to upload this data to a brand new device.


What is the best way to do it?






profile persist persist_ssl




defaults from ssl


timeout 900





rule http_redirect_url_to-new-FQDN2_rl


{ when HTTP_REQUEST { HTTP::redirect ] } }



monitor tcp_default_xxx




defaults from tcp





pool xxx_25_pl




monitor all tcp_default_xxx











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  • Hello vjivani,



    what file is the config taken from? For example, it looks like it's taken from a "bigip.conf" file, in which case you can do the following:



    1) Backup any existing /config/bigip.conf file on the device (rename it to "bigip.conf.oldone" or something)


    2) Save the config you have to a text file and call it 'bigip.conf' (personally I recommend to use Notepad++, don't use Wordpad as it can insert extra characters)


    3) Copy the new bigip.conf file to the /config directory on the BigIP device (easiest way is probably to use WinSCP)


    4) run the CLI command "b verify load" - if there are any errors in the new config file these will be shown. Note this command does not load the config, only check it.


    5) Once all syntax errors are resolved (through the command above), load the config using "b load"




    Alternative possibilities are to use the SCF file or build the config from scratch (if you have time).



    The SCF is a flat text file saved to /var/local/scf - you can generate one in this directory with 'b export ' and load one using 'b import '. There's a full explanation on Ask f5 KB which is worth reiewing. ( I would add the link but don't have ability to access Ask f5 at the moment ).



    You should also note that SCF and config file syntax xhanges slightly between different versions, so if you are loading a version 10 config to a version 9 unit (for example) you will need to make some changes.



    Good luck, and post here if you have other issues or questions.