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Mar 14, 2021

Update to 14.1.4



I am updating our systems from to 14.1.4 to remediate some vulnerabilities. All works except the SSL VPN, and the logs says:


Agent: /Common/abc-policy_act_securid_ag, not initialized during load 

/Common/abc-policy:Common:c4c7dacd: Session deleted due to user logout request.


The last sentence is not true, because the user did not logged out.


Did you have the same problem and do you think it is related to the Edge client version ?




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  • Hae you upgraded the edge client after the APM upgade as mentioned in ?

  • same problem, after upgrading to 14.1.4, I have problems with access through access policy through access profile associated with vs, it seems like I don't contact the AD well, possible?

  • I have fixed this problem with the F5 Support assistance. It turns out that once update is done, the VPN image is not loaded, so it has to be re-installed. Upon installation, the problem still persist. Then next step is to reboot the node, and only after that 14.1.4 and VPN client 7198 worked fine. Thanks.

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      I have fixed with the F5 Support, instead, with deprovision APM and provision it again