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Oct 07, 2013

Unable to upload file more than 1 MB to the application server.

Hello Folks,


Seek for your urgent help if possible. Here is the scenario.


  1. Application server is hosted behind the F5.
  2. Client over the internet, tries to upload some files to this application server around 1MB or large, all the time they are failing.
  3. However 80KB of file were uploaded successfully.
  4. Entire communication between Client to F5 and F5 to backend server is over HTTPs. (Separate certificate used for client to F5 and F5 to backend server).
  5. All associated profile uses default configuration options including TCP/HTTP etc.

I can see that F5 is resetting the session while file uploading is taking place all the time. Unable to track the exact cause.


Any help would be highly appreciated.


Thank you very much for reading this.


Regards, Darshan


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  • for urgent issues you should contact support.


    you can enable RST logging and see if it gives a reason:


    are you sure the reset comes from the f5 and not from the server behind which the f5 forwards?


    does it work without the f5?


  • Hi Boneyard,


    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I didn't capture RSTcause logs, I can collect the same to diagnose it further.


    On top of that, the RST is caused by F5 only and not from server, we confirmed it based on the capture recorded from F5 and client machine. Any other clue? TCP or HTTP profile?


    Regards, Darshan


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      Hi swo0sh_gt_13163, 

      Did you find the workaround? I'm facing the same issue like you.

      Thanks and regards,