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Jun 03, 2024

Two security policies for one virtual server


Many applications are served by a virtual server. Every application except one has UTF-8 as its character set, the other one serves data in ISO-8859-1. They are all protected by the same security policy defined in UTF-8.

The ISO application is sometime blocked by the BIP-IP ASM because of its ISO encoding.

I created a second security policy in ISO that would be unique the ISO application and associated with its hostname. The hostnames for the applications in UTF-8 are associated to the UTF-8 applications.

When I try to add the new security policy in section Local Traffic >> Virtual Server List I get an error message: 010716fd:3: Virtual Server '/Common/' cannot contain policies with conflicting controls.

How can I add the new ISO security policy to the virtual server?


Thank you

Ghislain Pelletier