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Nov 16, 2011

Turn persitence off for a pool

I have a virtual with a cookie persistence profile. There is an iRule that looks at the request URI and selects the correct pool for the request. This causes one or more persistence cookies to be added to the connection. One of the pools is for servers to serve up images and is thus stateless. However, the persistence setting on the virtual causes the requests to the image servers to also be persistent. How should I go about removing persistence for this pool but not the others?



I'm also thinking that oneConnect might also improve access to these images but, again this is applied at the virtual and might not be suitable for the other pools.


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  • Hi Brian,



    You can use 'persist none' when using the static image pool. You should definitely use a OneConnect profile when using layer 7 persistence/pool selection. If you're using SNAT, then you can use the default OneConnect profile with a /0 source mask. If you're not using SNAT, create a custom OneConnect profile with a /32 source mask.






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    You could also use the RAM Cache for the images and bypass the pool members entirely...



  • OK. I looked under LB::persist rather than the persist statement. Thanks.



    I don't think I can use RAM cache because the server has many thousands of images.



    oneConnect looks useful but I've no experience with it and don't know if it's workable to turn it on and off based on the pool selected. I might be able to use it for the other servers as well but I don't know what situations might be problematic.



  • OneConnect should be a requirement when using L7 persistence like cookie insert. And it shouldn't hurt anything for non-session apps either.



  • this is sol which Aaron mentioned about oneconnect and L7 persistence.



    sol7964: Persistence may fail for subsequent requests on Keep-Alive connections




    hope this is helpful.